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103: Patience, Positivity & Persistence with Jason Lockhart



My guest today is Jason Lockhart. He’s a talent agent for film & television and he’s a #1 best selling author for his book Ask an Agent: Brutally Answered Questions for Actors of All Stages. Fun fact! He’s my agent and has been instrumental in the advancement of my career in the last several years. Thankful is an understatement!

Jason is about service and it shows through how hard he works for the actors he represents. He always says that it’s not about him, but it’s about everyone else and he wants to focus his skill set in one direction to make the biggest difference in the people’s lives around him.

“It’s not about you. You are just one character in a story. You should be there to serve your partner.”

We chat about his role models, why he admires them and how they’ve impacted him in his career choices including his father who has had the greatest impact on how he makes decisions.

We also talk about his famous catch phrase “patience, positivity & persistence” & why he believes this to be the recipe for success based on life experiences & what he’s witnessed happen for his clients when they put this into practice.

Other topics covered include managing emotions while waiting for a breakthrough, walking the line on social media when it comes to promoting yourself while still serving your audience in a selfless way, what Jason’s thoughts on true authenticity and how the pandemic changed his work/life balance for the better.

One of my favorite stories he shares is about the moments that led him to leaving life as an actor and becoming a talent agent ultimately leading him him to true happiness.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of his book on amazon. You can buy it here and be sure to follow him on Instagram here.


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