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112: How Alia Alston Built a Cryotherapy Empire

Say hello to the Queen of Cold! Alia Alston is a Mom, wife and founder of Icebox Studios. She’s someone I’ve admired since we first met because she’s done something very difficult in business. She started a company and has expanded it through franchising into 33 locations. It takes a savvy business person to make moves like that so I’m excited to dive into her story today.
After Alia became a mom, she created a startup business called Sweet Olive where she was creating organic baby products from home and selling them online. Her best seller was called biscuit butter & it was a diaper cream. From here, she moved into Cryotherapy.
As most creative inventions come from necessity, for Alia, cryo came as a result of being injured in a car accident and needing to manage the pain. What she’s built is nothing short of amazing.
As she was making decisions to grow the business, she operated under two requirements –
What can be duplicated and what gives instant gratification?
Alia shares how her family support and home life dynamic contributed to the success of her business. Also the team members who have the same goals and vision.
November 2018 was the opening of the first franchise
“We all share our duties and we are a team.”
If you’ve ever wondered about what makes cryotherapy so good for you, tune in around the 13 minute mark as Alia gives us the run down of how that works including the benefits for the skin.
We discuss the work life balance and the sacrifices she had to make to build Icebox.
“I couldn’t have done it without my husband. He is amazing. We split everything 50/50. There’s no man job/girl job.”

Alia has built a successful company as a female entrepreneur in a male dominated industry which is a feat in and of itself.

I hope you enjoy this inspiring story about Alia and the story of Icebox and how she catapulted cryotherapy in the wellness industry.

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