I Kissed a Whale for Trip Flip

I Kissed a Whale for Trip Flip

Trip Flip ClapperJob Perk Alert! Have you ever had one of those experiences that take your breath away? I’m sure you have…. typically, in my world, experiences like that tend to be when I encounter massive animals that I’d normally never touch or see. Well, that’s exactly what happened on this Travel Channel gig.

There were 4 of us cast in this promo (Brian Lyle, Marina Gridley, Dennis Craig & myself) and it featured the Travel Channel show, Trip Flip, and The Hilton Garden Inn. We had the pleasure of working with Bert Kreischer, the hilariously uncensored host of the show, who took us through a 3 part adventure consisting of:

A Helicopter Ride

This was a 1st for me. It was slightly terrifying considering that every time the wind would blow, we would feel it, but I have to admit, the view was incredible. It’s not something you see every day.

A Swim with the Belugas

This is the part that really made me happy. I’m obsessed with animals and when I was told we were not just visiting the Belugas at the aquarium, but we were actually getting into their frigid water tank and feeding them, my heart almost exploded with excitement. I literally kissed one of them as part of our filming process. This clip didn’t make it into the final 30 second spot for the promo but that’s ok.The memory of the adventure is enough for me. My love for the Belugas lives on.

Zip Line Adventure

Zip lining is one of those fun activities that I wish I could do every week. It’s always been a favorite outdoor adventure for me. On the last day of shooting the Trip Flip promo, we were taken to North GA for this part of the spot. This course was different than others I’ve done in the past because it had an obstacle course element to it that made it more challenging. All in all, it was a blast! Can’t wait to go zipping through the forest again.

All in all, the gig was a slam dunk! Maybe I’ll book another one this year that will allow me to play like a kid in an adventure park. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll book a hosting job for the Travel Channel and can make adventure part of my every day reality. In the meantime, I count my blessings because work like this makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.

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