Commercial & Lifestyle Models: The Real MVP’s

I’ve been modeling my entire career and have been in countless publications all over the world. I’ve been on magazine covers and in the mailers promoting Rooms to Go’s newest sofa line that make it into your mailbox. Even though my delicate little heart shaped face is all over the place, I’m not a household name, nor am I uber famous like our girl Giselle Bundchen, or any of those other long legged amazons we call Victoria’s Secret Models.

Pause! Real talk moment… Being able to go by your first name only is a level of cool that I’ve not quite attained, so hats of to you Giselle.  Go girl!

The downside to the level of recognition that comes with going by your first name only is that you can’t go anywhere without being recognized. So much for a peaceful stroll on a Saturday afternoon at the mall, not that strolling through the mall is that relaxing, but you know what I mean.


Our girl Giselle is one of the few special ladies out there who just happens to be built like a gazelle with her long perfect limbs and irresistible neckline.  She’s a fashion model. She’s a super model. She’s basically a goddess.


So, why all the Giselle talk? Great question! I’m pointing out what your mind probably goes to when you think of what a model is. It’s likely that you don’t even realize there’s a huge market for people that are in the 5’5 to 5’8 range. The work is plentiful and these models are rocking their careers like a #BOSS, which brings me to my point.

Commercial & Lifestyle Models are the bomb, yo!

Here’s how I came to this conclusion.  I work as a commercial and lifestyle model and I can go to the grocery store any day of the week and be an unknown. Occasionally I’ll get stopped by someone who thinks they might know me, but they don’t quite know why…. but I can tell you why! I was in your mailbox, or I was on your tv promoting a product earlier that day and it was etched into your memory. That’s the beauty of it. You retain the majority of your anonymity which allows you to have a free lifestyle, but you still get to work in one of the most exciting industries on the planet and see yourself in print all the time. It’s amazing!


Then, you can peruse the aisles of Target searching for the latest Graco advertisement that you could possibly be featured in without worrying about the paparazzi trying to catch you in an awkward moment (ha! Take that Giselle!). You can even get away with having a “I just spotted my ad” dance party in the high chair aisle and nobody will judge you…. at least in the tabloids, anyway.




Ahem…… Did you notice the Graco ad featuring yours truly? #shamelessplug





On another note, Commercial and Lifestyle modeling pays very well, so if you score enough bookings, you could go on a really sweet vacation or buy as many pairs of shoes as you want. Winning! *Disclaimer: I am biased because of the success I’ve had working as a commercial and lifestyle model.*


Now that we’ve established Commercial models are the bomb, they get to play and live the fab life without worrying if their worst moments will be smeared in the tabloids and they can make a good living doing it, I wanted to give you a little gift. These are the EXACT same steps I take when I prepare for my photo shoots. Steal my checklist and rock your shoots like a boss!


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