Hi! I’m Lesa. A talent industry junkie, former beauty queen, bookworm and unshakable optimist. aka glitter in human form. #sparklebaby

I’m a born and raised Georgia girl with nothing more than a dream and the persistence to always find a few open doors. I’ve always believed that the world is my oyster, so my journey has taken me to some truly fun places.


One of the things I’m asked most often is “how did you get started in this career?”


I remember wanting to be a cartoon voice back when my dad took me to see The Little Mermaid in the theater. I was so fascinated with Ariel, as most little girls are, but it sparked an interest in me that ultimately led me down the road to my career. From that point on, my very southern father would say, “Lucille wants to be a critter.” ha! Lucille (shortened to Lucy as I got older) is my childhood nickname and the critters of the sea were what had my interest on that particular day. My interest in the business of talent just grew from there.


For the rest of my childhood, I buried my nose in books and stayed lost in stories as often as possible. I also tried my hand at music by playing the flute, piccolo and drums in my school bands as well as singing in the chorus.


High school brought me a new perspective & introduced me to on camera work.


My junior and senior years, I studied Radio and Television broadcasting before graduating. During this time, I got a job as a radio DJ and in some way I got to live my dream of being a “voice.” By my senior year, I was working for the local tv station, directing the news broadcasts, manning the teleprompter and sometimes going out into the field with the reporters to help gather their stories. I learned so much about production and the behind the scenes work, but my gifts were in presentation and on camera work. I knew it was time to move on and find ways to get in front of the camera. So, within a year I left the tv station to pursue my next adventure.

After leaving the news, I pursued modeling full time in between my many waitress and bartending jobs. I’d first been “discovered” as a model in my teenage years, but didn’t heavily pursue it due to lack of guidance until I was old enough to travel on my own and chase it with reckless abandon. My efforts proved to be fruitful because I competed in a bikini contest for the Venus Swimwear catalog and I won. My prize was an all expenses paid trip to Florida to do a photo shoot with some of the top photographers in the business at the time. Holy wow! I thought I was hot stuff. I had a bad haircut, braces and really bad style, but my confidence level was off the charts! Thankfully, I now have better hair, straight teeth and much better style. 😉 Before the shoot, I convinced my orthodontist to take my braces off so I wouldn’t have them on for the shoot. He removed them, and then I took off to Florida for my first super professional photo shoot. It was there that I signed with the modeling agency that worked me relentlessly for years until I finally got sick of living out of a suitcase. It’s too bad Instagram wasn’t a thing back then, because I would’ve been winning the IG game.  One of the fringe benefits of my work was the travel. My thirst for adventure was fed during those 5 exciting years.  Modeling work took me all over the United States and parts of Mexico. Some of my fondest memories are from that time, but then….


I won the title of Miss Georgia USA


and a new adventure began. To say I was shocked about my win is an understatement. My world literally stopped spinning for a moment. When people describe out of body experiences, it defines how I felt when they called my name. It took a solid 2-3 minutes for me to realize what was happening and compose myself enough to take my “1st walk as Miss Georgia USA.  All I could think was, Are they sure it was my name on the card?Why me?This is a dream!  I’d always wanted to compete, but it had just never worked out until the final year I was eligible. Sometimes things are just meant to be.


I was still traveling for modeling jobs throughout my time as Miss GA USA, so I got a call from my agent the day before the Miss USA pageant. They had a booking for me that would require me to travel to Florida for two weeks. I’d been in Baltimore for a month with the Miss USA pageant, so I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to be settled in at home for a while. I declined the job and decided to move to Atlanta so I could start working locally and stop living out of a suitcase.


My big move happened in the summer of 2006.


Shortly after I moved to Atlanta, I booked a part in a short film project called Belles. It was a story about 4 southern girls who were living fun lives and it focused on their friendships. I played the part of Caitlyn, the bubbly, always positive, annoyingly happy friend. This was my first real experience working with a cast of actors and it was the project that landed me my first Atlanta agent. I met an actor on that set who gave me a referral (which I soon learned was a coveted commodity in the industry) and the rest was history. I grew my resume’ and stayed busy working on commercials, hosting jobs, modeling jobs and I even started auditioning for tv and film roles. It was a dream come true!


My journey has led me into the career I always wanted but didn’t realize was possible.


Now, I’m a working model, actress, host and voiceover artist. I’ve represented major brands and worked on prime time television shows. I’ve appeared in countless ads for clothing and swimwear companies, I’ve been a hand model, the voice of Rooms to Go commercials and the daily horoscopes for audible.com. I’ve been in more commercials than I can even begin to keep up with and the best part of it all is that I passionately love the work that I do. It started as the dream of an 8 year girl sitting in a movie theater watching The Little Mermaid and it became a career that I can’t get enough of.

The Official Bio

Lesa Wilson is an on camera personality, model and actress. Her career began when she was discovered as a teenager by a modeling agent at a shopping mall. Modeling took her all across the United States until she decided put more of her talents to use when she auditioned for Fox’s hit TV show, American Idol. Not only did she earn her spot as a competitor, but she finished as a Semi-Finalist for Season 3. This was her debut appearance on National Television and she soon found herself in love with performing and working in front of the camera.


Destined to return to national television, Lesa won the coveted title of Miss Georgia USA in 2006, then represented her home state at the Miss USA Pageant placing 2nd runner up in the pageant which was broadcast live on NBC. From there, she went on to establish herself as a successful model, actress and host.


With more than 20 years experience, she’s worked on over 350 photo shoots, appeared in hundreds of advertisements, hosted more than 500 on-camera projects, starred in 100+ commercials and has had network TV and film appearances such as The Originals, Being Mary Jane, Necessary Roughness, Drop Dead Diva, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and Logan Lucky.


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