2014 Wellspring Living Gala

2014 Wellspring Living Gala

wellspring_redI had the great honor of being the host for the annual gala for an organization that has a special place in my heart, Wellspring Living. It’s a non-profit organization that serves victims of domestic and sexual abuse and sex trafficking in Atlanta and the metro areas.

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (or DMST) is the commercial sexual exploitation of children through prostitution, pornography and sexual performance. It includes recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision or obtaining a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act by force, fraud or coercion.

Sex trafficking is a worldwide problem and is the fastest growing and largest criminal enterprise in the world. Sadly, Atlanta ranks #1 for this crime in the United States so it is happening in our own back yard. The average age is 12…. she could be your cousin, friend, sister, etc but even if she weren’t would you still not do something to help the life of a child.

The theme of this year’s gala was “all things become new” and it’s quite fitting for the entire mission of the organization.  The Wellspring program is so gifted at restoring lives and helping these young women get a fresh start. The goal of the gala is to raise money to support the restoration programs offered by Wellspring. These programs need continual support so if you feel led to give to this mission, please donate here.




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