Lesa Wilson

LESA WILSON – The American Dream

As the saying goes … some people are born with “it” and others have to work at it. Lesa Wilson’s success has come from both. Originally from a small town called Rome, Georgia – greatness was written on her heart.

Lesa often says, “There are no guarantees in life, so do what makes you happy. Always remember, you get one opportunity. So, make it epic.”

No surprise. This philosophy would serve as the wind behind her back in breaking away from the small-town city limits to appear on the television screen of more than 17 million American homes and 1.6 million magazine covers across the U.S.

Many people make it their life’s mission to make it to the top. For Lesa, much her initial journey came naturally. In her formative years, she chose to perfect her poise in pageantry before she quickly found out – she’s a natural.

Her captivating smile, smooth confidence and the ease in which she connects with people quickly collected many coveted titles like winner of Miss Georgia USA and runner up in the Miss USA Pageant. Of course, it just made sense when one of the biggest television hits in history came calling – American Idol.

She found her footing in front of the lights.

Jezebel Magazine would eventually name Lesa one of the top “50 Most Beautiful” people in Atlanta – out of nearly 10 million residents. Each day she continually honed her craft. It’s no wonder that she would be trusted to represent many household brands like:  Ford, Home Depot, Belk, Macys, Southwest Airlines, Rooms to Go, Delta Airlines, Minute Maid, Cox Communications, Kraft Foods, Smirnoff, Homewood Suites, Venus Swimwear, Direct TV and many more.

Her tenacity and positive spirit are nothing short of infectious. Industry leaders and colleagues have called Lesa:

“26 candles in an upstairs window.” – Sam Christensen, LA industry leader

“Glitter in human form” – Jena Sims from Sharknado

“… a steel magnolia …” – Vince Pisani

As many brands tapped Lesa to carry their message, the silver screen scooped her up for scripts too. Some shows you might recognize like: Necessary Roughness, For Better or for Worse, Being Mary Jane, The Originals, Drop Dead Diva and the blockbuster film – Logan Lucky.

Having accomplished so much and having started with so little, Lesa Wilson really is – in many ways – the American Dream. Nonetheless, she’s still striving – still reaching – to see all that’s she’s capable of.

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