Crafting with Jo-Ann (Commercial)


I stand by the statement that I really do have the best job in the world. There is nothing better than being on set with the opportunity to “play for a living.” My most recent job was for Jo-Ann Fabric and those of you who know and follow me, you know that a craft store […]

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Becoming Blonde


When I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade, my very first gray hair made its presence known. One day after school, Angela C. was braiding my hair (one of my “besties” at the time, because you know at 12, everyone is a bestie) and she made the grim discovery. I didn’t believe […]

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I Kissed a Whale for Trip Flip


Job Perk Alert! Have you ever had one of those experiences that take your breath away? I’m sure you have…. typically, in my world, experiences like that tend to be when I encounter massive animals that I’d normally never touch or see. Well, that’s exactly what happened on this travel channel gig. There were 4 […]

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