Have a Question? I’ve got an answer.


I get asked a lot of questions by people who are interested in getting started in the entertainment business. Questions range from how to become models, how does their child get started in the talent business, to others who want to act or become tv hosts. Well, I’ve got great news!  You’ve got questions, I’ve […]

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Becoming Blonde


When I was 12 years old and in the 7th grade, my very first gray hair made its presence known. One day after school, Angela C. was braiding my hair (one of my “besties” at the time, because you know at 12, everyone is a bestie) and she made the grim discovery. I didn’t believe […]

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 Rocking some of my handmade jewels today! Slowly loading up my etsy shop! Check it out.  4 of my newest and favorite creations. #gettincrafty #necklaces #jewelry #style  Love working with this girl! @beth.keener + a commercial shoot = a fabulous day  The road to my parent's house #hometown #rome #armucheecreekbridge #smalltown #littletexasvalley
 #Repost @kwajalynb
#setlife  Those faces! Tiny horses on set today. They make me wanna give hugs.   My parents have their own bees. Talk about local honey. Nom nom nom #bees #beeswax #honeycomb #home #family #localhoney  My daddy does what's necessary to keep his grand baby entertained. #mypopsrocks #nephewlovin